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In 2003, Amerifence joined the rich history of fence companies started by Grandpa Joe Keefe.  The original fence company was started in 1946 on the south side of Chicago at the end of WWII.  After a few years, Grandpa Joe moved his business to Harvey, IL.  The growing demand of fencing in the Chicagoland marketplace forced his production facility to the southwest suburbs of Tinley Park, IL. This location allowed Grandpa Joe to begin molding his company and paving the way for his family to prosper in the fence business.  He introduced different styles of fence patterns and unique ways of construction, many of which still remain as the building blocks in fencing today.  He was truly a visionary and pioneer of the fence industry. He passed away at the young age of 60, leaving behind his loving wife Evelyn and their ten children. She in turn gave the company to her children so they could continue in the family business. The lessons taught by Grandpa Joe were well learned and put to use.   Sadly, in 2004, the remaining 3 sons decided to cash out on their father’s dream and sell the original fence company to an independent investor. Although attempts were made at trying to save grandpa’s business and keep it in the family, the 3 remaining sons would not foster a deal with the many family members working in the company, thus bringing an end to an era. However, through the 3rd generation of grandsons, Grandpa Joe Keefe’s legacy continues. The grandsons’ endeavors account for 10 different companies in 8 locations across 4 states. Each company has the expressed goal of carrying on our grandparents dream of using their knowledge and experience to succeed in the fence business.   The lessons of family unity, pride in workmanship, belief in God, fair value, and concept of team were the cornerstone beliefs and practices of Joe Keefe. Amerifence is part of that 3rd generation of fence/deck builders that is inspired to carry on those values and traditions as set forth by Grandpa Joe. His simple formula for “Success in life” lives on in the many 3rd generation companies all across the Midwest and the South.  We are proud of the heritage and rich history that he has left us.  It is our commitment at Amerifence to continue in the family tradition of fence/deck building and leave something for our children and the next generation to be proud of.
Our History
Amerifence is Indianapolis only true 'Direct Mill Outlet" for cedar. We have the largest "in-stock" inventory of cedar wood products in central Indiana. Amerifence deals direct with some of the largest wood manufactirers in the nation. Our buying power allows us to eliminate the middle man and pass the savings to our customers. Whether you're looking for Amerifence to install a new fence / deck at your home or you're a do-it-yourselfer. Amerifence has the material and the know-how to help you with your home improvement projects. Amerifence is on the cutting edge of fence design. Our company holds 3 patents on many different styles of post top carvings. Our facility and machinery allows our production team to design and manufacture products like no one else in the Midwest. One look at our catalog of fence styles and designs will show how Amerifence is decades in front of the competition. Our goal at Amerifence is to deliver a well designed, superior product that meets our customers needs provides added and lasting value to their home. We then back it up with a written warranty and excellent service. Our commitment is to treat our customers with respect and do business like they did in the old days....just like Grandpa Joe taught us.
About Us
Community Outreach  Amerifence has always strived to be an active and responsible contributor to the local community. From donating materials/ labor for the Santa House at Clay Terrace Mall, to assisting Goodwill in their donation drives, to supporting local police department fundraisers, to sponsoring and supporting local youth baseball teams and programs. These are some of the organizations that we have aided over the years. Amerifence is dedicated to doing its share to make Indianapolis a better community.
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